In order to reduce the J curve effect and to invest in multiple holdings through a single ticket, secondary funds are now becoming a real craze for investors who want to position themselves for the first time on the asset class. Be careful, supply is overflowing and requires a full analysis of the possibilities offered by the market before investing.

We accomplish for our clients many missions of gate keeping and screening. We then conduct Due Diligence with European and American companies.


A totally new solution on the market, the team refinances GPs who want to build up on their positions or LPs that want to recover liquidity without losing equity exposure. By lending on highly advantageous terms and with a high level of seniority and a strong coverage ratio, the team has built a strategy that allows to diversify its exposure to the asset class without distorting its portfolio.

We have found, for our customers, this innovative and unique solution on the market. Our Due Diligence of the management company allows us to be very comfortable with the investment process and to explain how to introduce it into your portfolio.


The more mature investors often seek to strengthen their positions by investing directly in companies, either by making investment with portfolio managers or by sourcing deals themselves.

We offer our clients investment opportunities fully tailored to their needs and constraints. We meet the management and operational staff of the companies and carry out an investment case before proposing the idea. Then, we use independent partners to carry out the work of valorization, transaction, analysis of the business ...