22 March 2017

Cedrus Partners organizes an event on rapidly changing retirement savings.

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20 March 2017

Cedrus in the 500 best companies in France

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30 January 2017

Cedrus Partners at the IPEM of Cannes

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Like an architect, we accompany our clients with tailor-made solutions but with common objectives:

We use the best craftsmen (management companies, insurers, trading rooms) to increase your field of possibilities and not miss any opportunity.

We build solid foundations to build your portfolio on robust and diversified performance sources.

We save time by providing answers tailored to your needs and allowing you to concentrate on the essentials.

We don’t waste your money because our commission is in accordance with your economic interests.



We understand and define your objectives in terms of returns, risk control, cash flow, diversification and periodicity of information.


We build a portfolio perfectly adapted to your needs, which will be the basis of your performance and the heart of our reflections.


We are constantly looking for supplementary ideas that will enhance the stability and strength of your portfolio. We monitor the behavior of your assets, edit reports to monitor your investments and send you alerts if necessary.



Gate Keeping

Do not miss any opportunity! By exchanging regularly with our consultants, they learn to know you and how to target your expectations as closely as possible. As soon as an opportunity arises, they inform you and explain it to you.

Outsource part of your research

Finance is becoming more complex and the new asset classes require significant research work. Some of our customers do not dare go towards new products because they do not have sufficient teams in their companies to analyze them.

We respond to their needs by using our internal resources and our experts to find the most suitable solutions.

A Due Diligence Ownership Process

Inspired by the best market standards, our research team realizes for our clients the strategic and operational Due Diligence of the products before any investment. We ensure the control of the legal documentation, we meetthe management team on-site and analyze the management model. Our clients therefore know what they are doing when they do invest.


A tailor-made solution that allows a customized and complete follow-up of your investments.

  • Our dashboards allow you to see in a few sheets all the financial information of your portfolio: performance, volatility, Drawdown, change in allocations ...

  • Tailor-made and useful daily

    Our reports take into account your portfolios for information that suits you and your needs. Thus, they become tools that you can use in your everyday activity.

  • Various levels of reading

    As useful for operational staff as for supervisory committees or investment committees, the various levels of precision make it possible to have access to all the necessary information.

  • Reliable and accurate

    Automated, you are the decision maker of the frequency of the reports. The different levels of control allow you to have figures which you can trust and thus save time.

A fluid interface

Developing tools to assist in the decision-making and monitoring of clients’ portfolios is part of our DNA. We have integrated a team of developers to accompany our consultants. However, we believe that the board cannot be fully automated and requires keeping the link. We are not destined to become a pure Fintech but wish to use the latest technologies as a value added to our human interventions.


A pension fund with the best industry standards.

Often regarded as least important for management, the financial results of pension funds are often disappointing for employees. We work on them, with your HR and compensation and benefits teams, according to the latest market developments, and make it a real tool for the recruitment of your employees and to develop their motivation as well as a sense of commitment.

The PERCO 2.0

We are convinced that the pension schemes will undergo a major overhaul of their operations in the coming months. It is imperative to give them every chance to provide your employees with an adequate income supplement on retirement. By using long-term assets, following the changes allowed by the Macron law, you are offering your employees a head start.

Outsource your IFCs

As a tool to monitor your commitments and your cash flow, retirement benefits can no longer be fully outsourced to Euro funds. We must define together a UC allowance to match your liabilities and market conditions. Our teams choose with you the best insurers and select the most suitable products.


Through our expertise and the quality of our sourcing and analysis, we allow you to have access to unique, innovative products in line with your liabilities, offering stability and performance.

We assist you in accessing these financial assets, from a legal point of view as well as a strategic and operational due diligence, offering you a precise and complete analysis of the existing offer, to offer you the best investment potential.

To cut off from the erratic evolution of markets through hedge funds, risk premiums or absolute return.

Our expertise in Private Equity, Private Debt or CrowdFunding allows you to make your investments meaningful and measure their impact on the economic fabric.

Through real estate or infrastructure funds, you invest in physical assets with predictable and stable returns

Technology, litigation, reverse factoring, all these new strategies offer real decorrelation acts to your portfolios but require real know-how in the preliminary study.

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