By your side, not in your place

Design, source and develop investment solutions tailored to your needs.

Get an overview

Get an overview

Our teams will support you in broadening your horizons and investment outlook: we meet 350 financial service providers per year and monitor more than 25 asset classes.

Sleep easy

Sleep easy

Our investment experts support you daily: they provide you with operational support on which you can rely with complete peace of mind.

Save time

Save time

After auditing your needs, our teams provide you with "turnkey" solutions and identify suitable partners: all you have to do is decide.

Make an impact

Make an impact

Whether strategic, financial, environmental or social, your investment decisions will have an impact: we provide guidance until the desired goal is reached.

Our knowledge
and expertise

Understanding you

Enhancing and challenging your financial strategy


Convincing you

Providing our best investment convictions


Surprising you

Sourcing and designing innovative solutions

Portfolio guidance

  • Defining a strategic allocation together
  • Building your portfolio together
  • Constantly monitoring your investments

Digital reporting

Digital monitoring, with our Sparring and Atlas tools, is central to our ecosystem

Tailor-made reporting

Tailor-made reporting

We have developed user-friendly tools that take account of your particular needs, based on the highest market standards. The applications are user friendly.

Real-time information

Real-time information

Connected to the source of the data, we have direct access to inputs with no lags, reducing entry errors and saving you time.

Access your portfolio anywhere, anytime

Access your portfolio anywhere, anytime

Accessible via a dedicated and 100% secure web platform, you can monitor the status of your portfolios at any time and from anywhere.

A single interface for all your assets

A single interface for all your assets

The tracking screens provide a single view of your investments, including both public and private assets. A focus on private assets is offered with an aggregated view of your commitments.

Debt and equity financing

Raising funds or selling your business are key moments in an entrepreneur‘s life: we put our skills and our network at your service.

For your complex financing, we identify the right partner and the right conditions.


Our missions:

  • Syndicated bank financing, club deals, executives
  • LBO/MBO transactions, co-investment
  • Factoring and reverse factoring
  • Asset deconsolidation financing and securitisation

Creation of tailor-made solutions


Real estate Impact Investing


With our partners, we have created a fund that provides a return for investors while allowing families in need to access housing.


An offer dedicated to small and medium-sized companies: Go!

Created with leading players (Henner, Sanso IS and Axa), a turnkey solution that provides an offer of institutional quality to small and medium-sized companies. (Click here)


Allianz SRI Bond    Fund


An investment fund launched in 2010 at the request of major companies to boost their cash investments, while respecting a charter of socially responsible criteria.


Invest in private or uncorrelated assets

Long-term investors can benefit from substantial premiums by moving away from short-term speculative thinking.

Financing the real economy

We have recognised expertise in private assets such as private equity, private debt and participatory financing. These strategies enable our clients to combine performance and a positive impact on societal and/or environmental issues.

Innovative strategies

We are able to source innovative solutions such as reverse factoring, litigation financing and cat bonds. These strategies require a detailed understanding of both the expected performance profile and key success factors before selecting managers.

Real long-term assets

We source the best investment managers worldwide, dedicated to infrastructure, real estate or industrial assets. These strategies combine two complementary performance drivers: holding and operational value creation.

Uncorrelated assets

Liquid alternatives (long/short equity, risk premiums, quantitative investments, etc.), are an effective source of portfolio diversification. However, these strategies entail certain types of risk that we can identify.

Your consolidated portfolio reporting
Your consolidated portfolio reporting
Your private market platform
Your private market platform