In a context of declining resources, financial investments have an important role in budget construction. The challenges to be combined are the preservation of capital, the achievement of financial product objectives and ethical investment.

A strategy to serve your objectives

Optimised to meet your financial product and risk constraint objectives, taking into account the major projects (e.g. real estate) of your entity that will impact your liquidity.


Useful finance: performance and societal impact

Allows us to envisage new financing solutions for associations or foundations that have an impact on our society. Give meaning to your investments.

Optimise your liquidity by saving time

Our software connected directly to your custodians gives you access in real time. Focus on strategic decisions and don’t waste any more time on calculations or input errors.

Meet and connect with your peers throughout the year

Co-founder of the Finance and Public Interest Circle, a real ecosystem of more than 50 financial directors, Cedrus & Partners promotes the professionalisation of the finance function within the non-profit sector.

Institutional investors

In a context of low interest rates, regulatory changes and ever-increasing awareness of environmental and societal criteria, Cedrus & Partners supports and advises you on all these challenges.

Your partner in optimising your portfolios

Through global or specific consulting missions, we support you in your strategic allocation, investment choices and portfolio monitoring.


A player in useful finance

Cedrus & Partners is a creator of innovative solutions that allow your investments to take societal and environmental factors into account as much as possible.

A major player in private asset advisory services

In the context of your investments in private assets, our institutional teams support you from qualified sourcing to due diligence adapted to each asset class.

Investment research

Our research teams provide you with technical expertise and analyse markets and players at international level.

Family offices

We mainly serve single family offices, with which we have built a genuine ecosystem.

We work at the heart of families, with recognised technical expertise, to meet your financing and investment needs, both public and private.

A unique network and privileged access

Cedrus & Partners has set up a broad network of asset managers in Europe and worldwide. On behalf of our clients, we negotiate investment capabilities with the best asset management companies.

Off market sourcing

Our unique network of entrepreneurs gives you access to direct investments in companies with high potential, as a majority or minority shareholder. Our premium real estate sourcing is aimed at family clients.


Join the circle


We bring together all our investors, and in particular families, to discuss their experiences in terms of structuring and governance or to meet with asset managers abroad.


A dedicated team

Cedrus & Partners’ experts are here to discuss with you how best to diversify your long-term portfolios: selecting funds, acquiring new shareholdings and monitoring your investments over time.


The corporates we support face many challenges and they often have one thing in common: low yield on short-term products. We provide a wide range of solutions.

Boost your liquid assets

Money market funds and term deposit accounts are in negative territory. We have created tailor-made strategies for our clients to navigate in this environment.


Financing adapted to your needs

Thanks to our experience in financing and close monitoring of investors, our team optimises your financial conditions, particularly for the terms and conditions of financing offers.

Outsource and optimise your retirement compensation

By making insurance allocations to typologies adapted to their liabilities, we implement the best solutions to increase your performance.

A disruptive employee savings solution

We have designed a digital solution for you and your employees that combines societal and environmental impact with performance. We have made it to institutional quality standards and as simple as possible to use, so that it is accessible to all. www.go-ee.com

What our clients are saying about us

We have engaged Cedrus & Partners to advise us on our asset allocation. We appreciate Cedrus’ support due to their knowledge of international markets and players.


Cedrus & Partners advises us on our investment strategy. We are very satisfied with their work in analysing, auditing and selecting managers.


Cedrus & Partners provides me with investment advice adapted to the management constraints of our structure, and is a good support for financial product proposals that meet our selection criteria.


Your consolidated portfolio reporting
Your consolidated portfolio reporting
Your private market platform
Your private market platform