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Testimonial from Matthieu Broquère


Testimonial from Matthieu Broquère


Claire Bernard

Senior Investment Advisor FO

Can you tell us about your career at Cedrus & Partners and how you’ve developed professionally since joining?

At the end of 2021, I joined Cedrus&Partners as Investment Advisor in the Global Advisory Family Office department. My role is to support families in the creation, deployment and monitoring of their financial portfolios.

A year later, I was promoted to Senior within the team. Over the past year, the department has become more structured, and we have welcomed a new junior member of staff, whom I have the opportunity to train on a daily basis.


How does Cedrus & Partners cultivate its corporate culture and what unique opportunities does it offer for the personal and professional growth of its employees?

Cedrus & Partners cultivates its corporate culture in a variety of ways, highlighting our core values: Expertise, Commitment, Excellence and Solidarity, which permeate the way we work every day.

To reinforce team spirit and encourage solidarity among employees, we organize company seminars to strengthen the bonds between us.

Conviviality is also encouraged by the size of our structure, which enables more informal exchanges and closer relationships between team members.

We are deeply committed to our mission of supporting investors over the long term, and this is reflected in our determination to satisfy our customers on a daily basis. The proximity with our partners is a precious opportunity, enriching my work from a human point of view.


In terms of opportunities for personal and professional growth, Cedrus & Partners offers clear prospects for advancement, with the possibility for employees to move into management positions and take charge of strategic subjects more transversal to their initial role.

Joint training courses are regularly offered to develop the team’s commercial and managerial skills. What’s more, employees have the opportunity to request personal training tailored to their individual needs. I have, for example, been able to take training courses in financial techniques relating to unlisted assets.

Thomas Legendre Kaloustian

Investment Manager

Can you tell us about your career at Cedrus & Partners and how you’ve developed professionally since joining?

At the start of 2020, I will be joining Cedrus & Partners during the Covid-19-related lock-up, as a Senior Investment Associate within the Investment team. My main tasks are to source and analyze investment opportunities, then, in line with the overall investment strategy established by the team and the needs of the various allocations or vehicles advised, to make (invest in) and manage these investments. On a day-to-day basis, I liaise directly with the various Cedrus & Partners teams in France and abroad (Spain, Luxembourg), as well as with management companies and investors (Family Office, (U)HNWI, Institutions, Associations, Foundations and Endowments). I mainly cover unlisted markets (Private Equity, Private Debt, Infrastructure, Real Estate), but also follow and invest in listed markets on all continents. The team is also heavily involved in the development of Utile Finance and Impact Investing through its investments and some of the vehicles it advises (Real Estate Impact Investing with SwissLife and SC Pierre Impact in partnership with BNP Paribas REIM). I mainly make primary investments in funds, as well as co-investments to a lesser extent. I also review direct and secondary investment opportunities for some of our clients. The assignments are very varied and stimulating, as I’ve had a lot of exposure to them since my arrival, and Cedrus & Partners quickly gives us a sense of responsibility. I enjoy working as part of a team, but I also appreciate the autonomy on certain assignments. We’re lucky enough to be able to be proactive and initiate multiple projects, some of which are strategic to the company’s development.


How does Cedrus & Partners cultivate its corporate culture and what unique opportunities does it offer for the personal and professional growth of its employees?

Although the confinement of 2020 was not easy to manage, I was very quickly (and very well) integrated by the Cedrus & Partners team with very regular exchanges with all the team’s partners and employees. I was lucky enough to be promoted just before my third year as Investment Manager within the Investment team. This promotion rewarded my commitment and the quality of my work. Cedrus & Partners is very committed to identifying and retaining talent. The company is committed to promoting its corporate culture and four core values: Expertise, Excellence, Commitment and Solidarity. From just four professionals on the investment team in 2020, we are now six and will soon be eight to support the company’s growth.

Cedrus & Partners’ strength in relation to its employees is its willingness to grow rapidly by concentrating on a team of experts. The structure offers a high degree of flexibility and encourages recognition of individual commitment. In addition, our corporate culture encourages excellence in all our assignments, to the utmost satisfaction of our clients. Cedrus & Partners also values moments of conviviality during less formal events, such as evening sports sessions or annual seminars. Finally, to meet the development expectations of each employee, Cedrus & Partners supports them by financing training on a case-by-case basis.