Portfolio Category: Membres Comex

Louis de Rambures

Louis is currently Corporate Secretary at Cedrus & Partners. He joined Cedrus & Partners in 2021 as Head of Compliance and Investment Services. Prior to that, he gained extensive experience

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William Guilloux

William holds the position of Chief Investment Officer (CIO) at Cedrus & Partners. Joining in 2017 as Deputy Head, he quickly progressed to head up the Investment team at the

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Sébastien Roca

Sébastien is Managing Director of Cedrus & Partners. He joined the structure in 2013 as a senior consultant before becoming a partner in 2019 and taking over as Managing Director

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Matthieu Broquère

Matthieu holds the position of CEO at Cedrus & Partners. He joined the company in 2014, the year he inaugurated the Bordeaux office and launched the segment for large families.

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